Athens culture highlights

Take a dip into history and discover every nook and cranny of Athens through a 5-day private tour.

Eat your way through Chania

It’s time to set off on a gastronomic journey in one of the most delicious prefectures in Crete: Chania.

Ancient Peloponnese

Discover ancient cities, mountainous villages, archaeological sites, sanctuaries, and many more cultural gems!

Culture and history in Crete

Delve into the fascinating history of Crete through a 10-day tour to the most important archaeological sites and cultural gems of the island.

Sailing and Hiking in the Cyclades

A combination of sailing and hiking will take you to the most breathtaking spots and offer you an unforgettable and ultra-adventurous holiday experience.

Adventure in Santorini and Crete

This 6-day trip will introduce you to the adventurous side and captivating charm of Santorini and Crete!

Active holidays in the Peloponnese

Spend a week full of adventure with your family and friends discovering the beauty of the Peloponnese and having fun through several activities in nature.

Adventure in the Peloponnese and the Ionian

An adrenaline-infused tour through Greece’s nature! Embark on an adventure to some of the most beautiful destinations of the Greek mainland and the Ionian Sea.

Explore the Cyclades slice by slice

Cycladic cuisine is based on local produce, fresh ingredients, and traditional recipes that have survived for centuries.

Crete’s authentic beauty – A holistic travel experience

Crete’s natural beauty is equaled only by the richness of its history. The island is the birthplace of the first advanced society on European soil.